March Ask-Me-Anything Session with Clara Chorley

Career coach Merryn Roberts-Huntley, who breaks down how to perfectly answer "do you have any questions for us?"

We’re excited to have you join our exclusive AMA session for February! Expert career coach Clara Chorley of Clarity Unlimited will be on hand to answer your job search questions.

This is not just another impersonal webinar! It will be a small, intimate gathering with personalized answers and advice for your situation — think of it more like a group coaching session.

Clara will give a brief 10-minute icebreaker presentation to get the ball rolling, then dedicate the rest of the time exclusively to answering your questions, so bring all of them!

Join us March 18th (3/18) at 12 Noon CT with the Zoom link below.


About Clara

I launched Clarity Unlimited during the 2009 recession in reaction to not being able to get a job (to be honest, I didn’t try very hard). Seemed like a good idea at the time, and over a decade later we’re still here.

I was born in England and moved to the USA in my early 20s. A big part of my heart lives in parts of Africa, where I often spend time. I’ve lived in Rwanda, Netherlands and France. I like unconventional travel, photography, cooking for friends, and dancing salsa.

Over the last decade and more I’ve helped hundreds of people tap back in to their confidence, and shift the direction of their careers [lives] into something better and more fulfilling.

Zoom Link

Use the Zoom link below to join us on 3/18 at Noon CT. Add the link to your calendar or hit the buttons below to set a calendar reminder:

See ya there!