About Us

Your personal team of resume experts.

Let’s Eat, Grandma helps professionals rebrand themselves to land their dream jobs.

We’re a highly ranked resume writing service that has helped over 4,000 professionals in securing job interviews. Our team of skilled writers will rework your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more to help you redefine your professional image.

“What’s with the name?”

It’s a grammar joke about the importance of commas. If you’re asking your grandma to eat and you forget a comma, you’ll end up saying “Let’s eat grandma.”

…which would not turn out well. Remember, professional writing saves lives!

Our Process

Our writing process takes 2-3 weeks from date of purchase to your final, revised product. 

We pride ourselves on a writing process that prioritizes not only quality but individual attention, based on our founder Chris’ training as a Certified Professional Resume Writer. 

Here’s how it works:

1.) We Gather docs & Information

After your purchase, you will fill out a questionnaire, upload your resume, and schedule an appointment with one of our writers. Following this, you will receive an email from your writer introducing themselves and asking for any additional information they may require to produce the first drafts of your documents.


2.) We Work on first Drafts

Using the information you’ve provided, your writer will compose the first drafts of your documents and send them to you 2 business days prior to your phone consultation. Before being sent to you, your documents will be reviewed by a supervisor.

3.) You Speak with Your Writer

During your scheduled 30-minute phone consultation, your friendly writer will spend time getting to know you more deeply and come up with a customized strategy for your documents. Thanks to your questionnaire responses, they will be able to ask you more detailed questions and make the best use of your time.


4.) You Receive Second Drafts and Request Final Edits

2 business days after the consultation, your writer will send you the second drafts of your documents after another supervisor review. You will then have up to 4 business days to provide any additional edits.


5.) You'll receive Final Drafts and a Follow-Up Call

Once you’re satisfied with your revisions, you’re good to go! We’ll send you the final drafts of each document in both Word and PDF format. If you signed up for a complimentary follow-up call when you ordered, we’ll give you a call to see how your job search is going.

Ready to get started?

What’s the Phone Consultation Like?

Nervous about working with a resume writer for the first time? Don’t be! Our writers are hired not just for their writing ability, but also their interpersonal communication.

Check out this video to see how easy, helpful, and fun your phone consultation can be.


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do your writers have?

Our writers come from backgrounds in communications and business writing. They’ve all been hired for not only their writing and editing aptitude but also their interpersonal skills and professionalism.

Our founder, Chris Villanueva, is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with the National Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Using the knowledge gained through his own rigorous certification process, we’ve developed a program that spans several weeks and incorporates a comprehensive training for our writers to turn them into resume writing experts.

I’ve seen a lot of non-traditional resumes that stand out with infographics and humor. Will you write me one of those?

We can create for you a clean and creatively designed resume that matches your requests and passes through ATS systems. We do not, however, use infographics, images, or humor in our resumes.

Creative resumes with non-traditional formatting are often appropriate and effective for creative fields, such as graphic design and the fine arts. They can also work well for small, alternative organizations where they will fit the company culture.

In any other situation, however, resumes like these are risky. They usually do terribly in Applicant Tracking Systems, and they can, in some cases, be perceived by hiring managers as unprofessional.

I need a resume now — why does your process take 8 business days after my consultation? Can I get an expedited package?

Crafting an excellent resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile all take time. We are committed to creating documents that will land you interviews and making sure that you have a positive, collaborative experience with your writer. This is why our process includes reviews by your writer’s supervisor and several opportunities for you to request revisions.

Because of this, we do not currently offer expedited turnaround times.

My resume is fine, but I’m not getting a job. Can you help me with strategy or networking?

Yes! While we can write great documents for you, that’s only half the battle of landing a job. Our new Career Compass Bundle shows you how to use your resume to land with expert clarity, strategy, and networking advice from our career coach partners. Check it out here!

Do you work on Academic CV’s or Federal Resumes?

Not at this time, unfortunately. Academic CV’s and Federal Resumes have specific conventions that are different from the typical professional resumes that we specialize in.

Please still contact us, though, if you need help with your cover letter, LinkedIn, or any other application documents!

How do you tailor my resume for the jobs I want? Will it pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Absolutely! All of our resumes are designed with ATS-friendly formatting.

Attach some job descriptions you’re going to apply for in our questionnaire, and your writer will naturally integrate ATS keywords from them into your resume. They’ll also give you ATS tips on tailoring and submitting your resume for each job.

Our Team & Our Story

Chris Villanueva

CEO and Founder

Matt Villanueva

President of Operations and Co-Founder

Founded by brothers Chris and Matt Villanueva, Let’s Eat, Grandma is a company with a mission. After graduating from Cornell University and excelling in the hospitality industry, Chris and Matt decided to apply their passions for people and service to one of the most stressful areas of life: job hunting. Applying for a new job is a long, difficult process at any age. We’re driven to make that process easier, giving you the tools and the confidence to improve your life.