DIY Downloadable Products


Affordable, DIY packages for immediate help, featuring our team’s expert job search tips.

These products are downloaded instantly and DO NOT include rewriting from our resume writers.

Digital Guide to Cold Emails and Thank You Notes


Urgent Care Package

Great writing is important for more than just your resume and cover letter. It also improves your networking, which is how 70-80% of jobs are filled. This 25-page guide featuring examples and templates will show you how to write effective reach-out messages to decision-makers and thank-you notes for interviewers.

Resume/Cover Letter Template Bundle


Let us at least take the design work out for you! This bundle features five ATS-friendly resume templates with matching cover letter templates designed by our writers, all with instructions included. You can choose the style that suits you best, or have multiple formats on hand for different audiences.

Student Packages

$15 – 49

Landing your first job in your field out of college isn’t easy. Get the help you need to make your parents and your wallet happy with these resources made especially for entry-level job seekers. With a 70-page eBook, templates, and the option of a personalized resume review session, you’ll be set up for success.

Urgent Care Package

$49 – 64

Urgent Care Package

An on-demand crash course in writing a stellar resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Our Urgent Care Package features templates, an eBook, instructional videos, optional video resume feedback, and access to exclusive monthly strategy sessions with our favorite career coaches (a $300-400 value!)