Resume  t Starting from your current version or from scratch, we’ll write you a concise and powerful resume brimming with accomplishments.

Cover Letter  t A great cover letter will supplement your resume to convince a hiring manager on the fence. We’ll write you one with stories and personality that shows off your unique selling points.

LinkedIn Profile Consultation   t Your writer will give you an in-depth consultation on your LinkedIn profile with our best practices for improving it, then send you a booklet with personalized recommendations.

Digital Guide to Cold Emails & Thank You Notes   t This 25-page guide featuring examples and templates will show you how to write effective reach-out messages to decision-makers and thank-you notes for interviewers.

Accelerated Package


Please note: Our writing process takes 8 business days, starting from when you book a consultation with your writer. Please review the details of our process on this page if you have not yet.

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