LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your job search. And with a solid list of recommendations, you can make your profile stand out above 90% of the other LinkedIn profiles out there. However, if you go about asking for a recommendation in the wrong way or to the wrong person, then you will get unhelpful recommendations like this one:

“I’ve had the great fortune of having my bathroom schedule synced with Maria for over two years. Every time we see each other in there, we smile and shake our heads, as if to say, “Here we are again! Peeing at the same time!” I think she’s also responsible for the internal newsletter?”

Or this one:

“Carrie excels at hanging out by the coffee machine and challenging the company dress code, but engaging in small talk at company parties and other awkward get-togethers is where she truly shines. From “Mad Men” to Nicki Minaj, Carrie is able to juggle pop-culture references on a consistent basis.”

While these recommendations are funny, they are not useful in their job searches and can actually do more harm. Here is the right way to ask for recommendations!

1) Make it personal

  • Don’t send out a bunch of general and impersonal inquiries for recommendations, take the time to change the template LinkedIn gives you.
    • Asking in person is even better!
  • Bring up specific scenarios in which you last talked to the person or worked on a project together.

2) Know the right person to ask

  • Build a relationship with the people you work with.
  • When you ask for a recommendation, let them know you value their opinion and want to make strides in your career.
  • Send a gentle follow up reminder!
    • Above all, remember to thank this person for taking time out of their schedule to do this.

3) Context is important

  • Ask for specifics in your LinkedIn recommendation, remind them of specific projects you have done.
    • This will make their job easier and ensure you get a quality recommendation.
  • Remember to give this person ample time to write a quality recommendation and let them know when you need it.

With these tips, you will have a great LinkedIn recommendation to impress possible employers in no time! If you need help with your LinkedIn profile, we’re happy to assist! Our Accelerated Package includes a LinkedIn profile rewrite to optimize the content and appearance of your page.

Check out this video to find out how NOT to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation: