In need of a LinkedIn makeover? Check out this quick list of our favorite LinkedIn profile tips – the best LinkedIn profiles make use of all 5!

By: Daniel Lorenzo | Marketing Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma

Making a LinkedIn profile can be intimidating. There are so many options, and it seems like everyone’s profile looks different. You’ve heard that LinkedIn is vital for landing a job, but how are you supposed to set up your profile to make that happen?

Here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, we eat, drink, and breathe LinkedIn. To help you out, we’ve pulled together these 5 LinkedIn profile tips from the best LinkedIn profiles among the thousands our staff has seen. Use these tips to be sure your profile is in tip-top shape.

Our 5 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips

#1: Fill your Summary section to the brim

A little known fact about the LinkedIn Summary section is that it gives you a whopping 2,000 characters to expound on yourself. Use it!

This might sound strange, as any good writer will tell you to use as few words as possible everywhere. But when it comes to your LinkedIn Summary, fill it up with as much information on your career and interests as possible in order to give recruiters a complete picture of your awesome self.

A full, targeted LinkedIn summary will maximize your chances of being discovered by recruiters’ keywords, and give them some crucial information. Don’t worry about losing a recruiter’s interest; unlike on your resume, they can always click “Read More” if they’d like to!

Check out this great example from our Founder, Chris Villanueva:

(You can read more on how to write a great Summary here.)

#2: Get a Great Headshot and Headline

A great LinkedIn headshot works wonders for your credibility – and you don’t even need a professional photographer to shoot one! 

Having a professional-looking headshot with proper background, lighting, and attire shows that you mean business, and will pique a recruiter’s interest before they read a word on your profile.

Check out this blog and this podcast to learn how to craft the perfect LinkedIn headshot.

Similarly, as the “Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy once said:

A quote with an accompanying photo by advertising giant David Ogilvy reading (in sum), "5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy." Having a great LinkedIn Headline is one of our 5 best LinkedIn Profile Tips.

Just like your headshot, a good LinkedIn headline will increase your chances of being discovered by giving recruiters what they need before they’ve even clicked on your profile. 

Don’t just leave your current position title in your headline. Load it up with keywords related to your industry so that you’ll appear in searches! Read more on how to do this here.

#3: List ALL of your Skills (and get Endorsements for them)

Okay, I cheated, because this is basically two.

First: you need to fill out your Skills section with all 50 skills LinkedIn gives you. Just like the Summary section, having this section full increases your odds of getting discovered by recruiters. Take time to think of everything you’ve ever done in a job, then list them all. 

A redo of a common meme reading: "List ALL the skills!" Listing all of the 50 skills available is one of our 5 best LinkedIn profile tips.
LinkedIn gives you space for 50 skills: use all of them!

If you’ve listed everything and haven’t yet hit 50, use the help of the autocomplete bar to list synonyms for each skill. 

(Examples include: “Copywriting” and “Writing,” “Project Management” and “Program Management,” or “Sales Development” and “Lead Acquisition.”) 

Second: don’t just stop with listing these skills – prove them with endorsements!

Each of your skills can be endorsed by your connections, as seen in the screenshot below. Endorsements are quick and easy to give, so don’t be afraid to ask your current and former colleagues, bosses, or clients to give you a few on your most prized skills.

#4: Optimize Your Privacy Settings

Did you know you have control over who can and can’t see your LinkedIn? You have a lot, in fact.

Just go to My Profile, click on “Edit Public Profile and URL” on the right side of the screen, and you’ll be presented with a long list of options to control who can and can’t see nearly every element of your profile. You can decide who sees your profile picture, headline, summary, connections and more.

Why is this important? Think like an advertiser again for a second: you might have the best profile in the world, but that won’t matter if nobody sees it.

LinkedIn is an incredibly common tool for recruiters looking for new employees. Estimates say around 87 to 95% of recruiters use the platform. If you’re looking for a job, you owe it to yourself to make your profile as visible as possible to these corporate talent scouts.

Also note the crucially important “Let Recruiters Know You’re Open” box underneath your headline on your profile. If you’re actively looking for a job, this is your ticket into searches from the people who are looking for you.

But wait – what if I’m worried my current boss will find out I’m looking for a new job? Not to worry.

A screenshot of LinkedIn's "Privacy and Settings" menu, for use with #4 on our list of the best LinkedIn profile tips: Optimize your Privacy Settings
You can find the multitude of privacy options LinkedIn gives you on this screen.

While LinkedIn does say it takes steps to “hide your profile from your current employer,” you can make triple-sure they won’t see you by blocking the profiles of your current supervisors in the “Settings & Privacy” options.

#5: Add a Bunch of Supplemental Information

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, your LinkedIn profile is different from your resume. One of the key differences is that you don’t need to worry about space, which means you can fill up your LinkedIn profile with all of the things you’re unsure about keeping on your resume.

A screenshot of all of the supplemental information options available when editing a LinkedIn profile, to accompany #5 on our list of best LinkedIn profile tips: Add a bunch of supplemental information.

And my goodness, is there space! LinkedIn has space for you to list your volunteer experience, professional organizations you’re involved with, publications, licenses and certifications, even test scores you might want to show off.

This supplemental content is important not just for the value it adds, but also for the connections it encourages. Your supplemental content is your key to making human connections that a recruiter wouldn’t notice from your professional experiences.

For instance, if I’m a recruiter and I see that you’ve volunteered at the same animal shelter/attended the same church/belong to the same professional organization as me, I’m going to be much more likely to want to build a connection with you.

It shows me your human appeal, piques my interest, and demonstrates to me that you have values similar to mine. (Think about it: aren’t you more likely to forge a friendship with someone in real life if you find out you share interests right from the start?)

Land Among the Best

Leverage these LinkedIn profile tips, and you’ll be in good company. The best LinkedIn profiles take advantage of all of the features LinkedIn has to offer, and once you’re among them, recruiters will be in your inbox in no time.

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