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Career Roadblock Office Hours

Don’t forget to attend your office hours session before it’s too late!
Executive Career Coach Clara Chorley is here to provide personalized support to help you overcome any obstacles and achieve your professional goals.
Small group sessions ensure personalized attention for your questions.
Clara Chorley Office Hours

Here’s What to Ask About During Your Office Hours


Ace Your Interviews: Bring Your Toughest Questions and Get Expert Feedback on Interviews & Salary Negotiation.

Career Planning

Get Feedback on Your Career Path: Bring Your Ambitions and Uncertainties for Personalized Planning Guidance.

Career Change or Advancement

Navigate Career Changes: Bring Your Goals and Roadblocks for Personalized Advice and Support.


Expand Your Network: Bring Your Challenges and Goals to Craft a Strategic Networking Plan.

Want to Submit Questions Ahead of Time?