Urgent Care Package

From: $49

This affordable DIY package gives you everything you need to build your own job-winning resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, plus strategies for going beyond the documents.

—ATS-Friendly Resume and Cover Letter Templates

We’ll give you two sets of matching resume and cover letter templates, designed by our writers and sure to comply with Applicant Tracking Systems.

—Access to Monthly AMA Sessions with Top Career Coaches

We partner with some awesome career coaches. You’ll get to speak with them about your job search strategy in regular “Ask-Me-Anything”-style video sessions.

—Grandma’s Digital Job Search Guide

Includes both a 72-page eBook and an in-depth series of three videos on crafting a job-winning resume.

—Personalized Resume Feedback Video from a Professional

Choose this option below to receive a customized video from one of our professional resume writers with feedback on your resume and suggestions unique to your situation. 

(Optional, limited stock)

Urgent Care Video Feedback