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Review Team

Managing Editor
Katy McElroy [email protected]

Josie Harrison [email protected]


Alex Holstein [email protected]

Anabelle Weissinger [email protected]

Andrea Bush [email protected]

Ash Divine [email protected]

Ashley Leal [email protected]

Barb Harmon [email protected]

Cat Carnes [email protected]

Charlotte Winters [email protected]

Daniella Tamasi [email protected]

Danielle Morris [email protected]

Davinia Osborne [email protected]

Davis Goicoechea [email protected]

Ehron Ostendorf [email protected]

Elenaluisa Alvarez [email protected]

Gabrielle Muniz [email protected]

Geneva Addison [email protected]

Haley Velasco [email protected]

Haley Wilt [email protected]

Hannah Coffman [email protected]

Jackie Kruzie [email protected]

Jennifer Walker [email protected]

Kaelyn Rieffer [email protected]

Kateryna Husieva [email protected]

Kathy Bailon [email protected]

Katie Maloney [email protected]

Kelli Crawford [email protected]

Kenton Gott kgo[email protected]

Lydia Lunning [email protected]

Melissa Del Rio [email protected]

Michael Berlind [email protected]

Molly Santiago [email protected]

Morgan Sicklick [email protected]

Natalie Quiles [email protected]

Paloma Sierra [email protected]

Patricia Rathbun [email protected]

Rose Winn [email protected]

Shyene Joubert [email protected]

Sue Solimando [email protected]

Susan Kaaria [email protected]

Tayyaba Manaal [email protected]

Tori Sicklick [email protected]

Customer Success 

Brandy Vickery [email protected]

Daniel Goldman [email protected]


Alex Lupenko
[email protected]

Carly Tucker
[email protected]

Chris Villanueva
[email protected]

Daniel Lorenzo
[email protected]

John Sturtevant
[email protected]

Matt Villanueva
[email protected]

Office Hours

Katy –  Thursdays 1:00 Central       John – Wednesdays 1:00 Central       Carly – Tuesdays 2:30 Central

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