You keep everything running efficiently and effectively. Now how do you explain that on your resume? Check out this operations manager resume sample from a real client we worked with here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, and find out how to make yours just as great.

By: Daniel Lorenzo | Content Marketing Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma

As an operations manager, you can take an organization from a frantic mess to a finely-tuned machine. You’ve kept systems running, kept expectations in line, and kept people happy with rock-solid policy.

But now there’s one obstacle in your career that even you can’t find a workaround for: your resume.

That’s why we’re here with this helpful operations manager resume sample. Here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, we’ve written over a thousand successful resumes for job seekers across every industry and experience level. Our professional business writing consultants know a thing or two about resumes, and we’re happy to share our winning formula with you.

This client (name changed) came to us with a dense 3-page resume for 15 years of experience that wasn’t getting results. We helped him cut it in half and optimize it with accomplishments sure to impress any employer.

Check out these Before and After images of our operations manager resume sample, then read on for some actionable tips:



What makes this a great operations manager resume sample?

#1: Relevant Info First

You’re probably wondering how to order all of the sections on your resume. The answer? Relevance.

Even though he had so much professional experience, we made the unconventional choice to list Doug’s education section first. Why? Look closely.

You’ll see he was currently earning a Master’s degree in his field, so that was the most recent and relevant info on his resume.

#2: Load Up the First Page

Also, while it’s okay for your resume to go over one page if you’re around 10 years of experience, make sure that you load up the first page with the choicest bits.

We listed Doug’s summary, skills, and most recent (and therefore important) job first to frame his experience and capture attention immediately. This ensures that the hiring manager will continue to the 2nd page.

#3: Save Space with Design and Wording

You’ll notice Doug’s original resume was 3 pages. We easily cut an entire page off by using as few words and lines as possible.

#4: Eliminate Unnecessary Information

Doug listed his hobbies and references on his original resume. While those do give a fuller picture of him, they’re not necessary on a resume.

List your supplemental information (organizations, interests, volunteer experience) on your LinkedIn profile, but make sure your resume only has the essentials.

You can keep anything running efficiently. Now get out there and do the same for your career with a great resume!

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