Meet the Team: Katie Maloney


May 15, 2023 | Resume Service

Interested in a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume, and curious about who you’ll work with? Read on for an interview with one of our professional resume writers, Katie Maloney.

Here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, we’re extremely proud of our talented and diverse team of professional resume writers.

That’s why we started this series, where our Managing Editor sits down with each one to discuss their background, motivation, and what they love best about writing resumes.

This month, we talked to Katie Maloney, a senior resume writer and reviewer who has been writing for Let’s Eat, Grandma since 2021.

Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney

Hi, Katie! How long have you been a professional resume writer? Why did you decide to apply to become a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume writer?

I’ve been writing resumes since 2015. Prior to coming to Let’s Eat, Grandma, I ran a hospitality & tourism management vocational program at a local high school, and I implemented a unit on career/professional development. For one of the projects, students had to create their first resume. From that, I ended up co-leading a resume writing workshop for high school seniors and I was hooked! I received a certification in resume writing and have been working at LEG for just over a year and a half. I applied to LEG after researching resume writing companies and seeing the amazing client reviews for LEG’s services and recognition as the Best Resume Writing Service on the Balance. I immediately saw the commitment LEG has to each individual client and was impressed with the personalized and high-quality service. It’s so hard to be a jobseeker, and LEG makes it a bit easier. I wanted to be a part of that.

What’s your favorite part about resume writing at Let’s Eat, Grandma?

I really enjoy getting to know each client and learning about their career focus, then helping them uncover all the unique experiences and skills that will help them land their next job. It’s very rewarding to give clients the confidence they need to embark on a job search and help them recognize how great they really are!

You also complete Executive Concierge Service packages. Is there anything different or notable about working with these clients?

Working with executives is different because they often already have a good grasp on what their next career move will be, they just need help telling their impressive stories. At the executive level, one of the biggest challenges is to take the immense amount of information and make it concise while also ensuring that the client’s achievements are highlighted appropriately. It’s also really fun to learn about the careers of each of these (and all) clients … everyone has a unique background and story to tell, and I love figuring out the best way to tell it, from formatting to wording to content.

As a member of the Review team, you edit packages written by your peers. What do you like about working as a peer reviewer? 

I really enjoy reviewing and editing my colleagues’ documents. It gives me an opportunity to not only provide guidance and advice on writing, but also to learn new tricks and styles of writing. This role on the Review team provides me with some of what I loved in my previous roles: training and teaching. I’ve gained so many more writing skills and ideas through my editing/reviewing, which has greatly helped me in my own resume writing.

What is the most challenging part about resume writing?

A resume needs to be concise and provide an interesting story that highlights the client and positions them for the role(s) they are seeking. It can be challenging to take all the information and consolidate it into a document that not only shows the client’s unique background and skills, but also aligns it with the role without it sounding like “keyword soup.”  It is important that the client stands out among the sea of other applicants, and I enjoy the challenge of getting them to that place.

What advice can you give for anyone considering purchasing a resume writing service and working with a professional resume writer?

Do your research! There are lots of services out there for resume writing, but it is important to understand that a resume should be personalized and focused. There is also a lot of contradictory information out there on what a resume should look like and include. Using a writing service like LEG assures a client that they are showcasing themselves the way they should be, that recruiters will be able to easily understand their documents and intent, and that they are well prepared for their job search.  One of the things that stands out to me about LEG is that we get to have virtual meetings with each client to really know the client and discuss their skills, experiences, and ambitions, which allows us to personalize each resume.

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