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Apr 8, 2024 | Resume Service

Interested in a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume, and curious about who you’ll work with? Read on for an interview with one of our professional resume writers, Geneva Addison.

Here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, we’re extremely proud of our talented and diverse team of professional resume writers.

That’s why we started this series, where our Managing Editor sits down with each one to discuss their background, motivation, and what they love best about writing resumes.

This month, we talked to Geneva, a resume writer who has been writing for Let’s Eat, Grandma since 2021.


Geneva Addison

Hi, Geneva! How long have you been working for Let’s Eat, Grandma? Why did you decide to apply to become a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume writer?

I have been a writer for Let’s Eat, Grandma for a little over three years. Before joining the team, I had already established a career in the HR realm—from recruiting administration to HRIS software implementations and training. Working for Let’s Eat, Grandma felt like the right move as I was looking to transition into a writing-focused career. It was important to me that I work for a company that cared about their writers and provided them with the support and tools needed to provide an exceptional service. As soon as I met the team, I knew it was the right choice.

How long have you been working as a professional resume writer? Why did you decide to start working in this field?

Professionally, I earned my stripes as a resume writer at Let’s Eat, Grandma. But even before joining the team, I was the unofficial resume guru for my friends and family. Crafting resumes came naturally to me, and I figured, why not make a career out of it? I’ve always loved capturing people’s stories and showcasing their talents, and being a resume writer lets me do just that.

You also complete Executive Concierge Service packages. Is there anything different or notable about working with these clients?

The Executive Concierge Service presents a unique opportunity for deeper engagement with clients. This more intensive process allows me to forge not only professional connections but also personal ones, gaining insights into their individuality beyond their careers. The extra time together truly does make a difference in crafting documents that are uniquely theirs.

Additionally, working with Executive Concierge Service clients often involves individuals who are leaders in their respective fields or possess exceptional backgrounds. As such, it demands a nuanced understanding to accurately capture the breadth of their achievements and expertise.

What’s your favorite part about resume writing at Let’s Eat, Grandma?

Hands down, it’s the personal touch we bring to every resume.

This emphasis on human connection allows me to engage with fascinating individuals from across the globe every week. Through these interactions, I continually expand my knowledge, learning about various industries, innovations, cultures, and personal interests.

And even beyond that, witnessing clients’ confidence grow as we collaborate on highlighting their achievements is immensely gratifying. There’s a tangible sense of fulfillment in contributing to their professional journey.

What is the most challenging part about resume writing?

Being a resume writer means wearing many hats.

I am first an expert in resume writing best practices, and second a jack of all trades. I must have a fundamental understanding of the industries in which I am writing about. When working with clients who are highly specialized, technical, or perhaps serving in a confidential capacity, it’s up to me to translate complex information and transform it into easily digestible content. There’s a lot of research and probing that goes into identifying key accomplishments and then writing them in a way that concisely and strategically tells their story.

Do you have any hobbies? What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not writing resumes 🙂

It probably goes without saying that I am big on writing. I love reading and writing, especially historical and absurdist fiction, dark comedies, and satire.

Not to get all Waldenesque, but being outside, alone with my thoughts, is a favorite pastime. So, naturally, I spend a lot of time hiking and backpacking. I am in my element when covered in layers of dirt, unidentified bug bites, and probably KT tape.

What advice can you give for anyone considering purchasing a resume writing service and working with a professional resume writer?

Here’s my advice: Don’t hold back. Seriously, spill the beans about your accomplishments, your dreams, your passions. We’re not here to judge—we’re here to elevate your story. So, come prepared to talk yourself up, because trust me, there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.

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