Career Warrior Podcast #332) Overcoming 2024 Job Market Challenges: Layoffs, Tough Competition Possible Recession?

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Welcome to the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast, where our mission is not just to help you land your dream job but to empower you to live your best professional life!

I’m Chris Villanueva, CEO and Co-Founder of Let’s Eat, Grandma. In this episode, we dive into the pressing issues of today’s job market and provide actionable tips to help you stand out. Whether you’re currently job hunting or preparing for future opportunities, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

1. What’s Going On in the Competitive Job Market? Current layoff trends and job market saturation.

2. How to Stand Out and Land More Interviews and optimize your resume.

3. Navigating the Economic Landscape

4. Building a Strong Professional Network