Career Warrior Podcast #331) The Truth About Career Change [Updated for 2024]


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Join Matt Villanueva, Co-Founder of Let’s Eat, Grandma, as he attempts to demystify aspects of the job market, one by one, in his second installment of “Matt’s Coffee Thoughts.” Grab your Chai Latte or Red Bull and prepare to learn:

  • Fact vs. Fiction: Separating what’s really going on with professionals vs. the folklore being perpetuated online.
  • The Reality of Career Changes: Explore why career pivots are increasingly common and how to navigate them effectively with insights from career coaching expert Dr. Ben Ritter and the team at Let’s Eat, Grandma.
  • Embracing Your Career Path: Understand the value of being a generalist versus a specialist and how to leverage your unique skills and experiences across various industries.
  • Advice for Career Changers: How to successfully make the leap through a career change.