Career Warrior Podcast #328) Decoding Job Market Realities: Matt’s Coffee Thoughts Episode 1


US Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 207K

US Weekly Jobless Claims: 211K

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Join Matt Villanueva, Co-Founder of Let’s Eat, Grandma, as he demystifies the job market in “Matt’s Coffee Thoughts.” Grab your favorite mug of *energizing beverage* and listen along as you join Matt on a journey of discovery and growth as job seekers. In this inaugural episode, Matt delves into:


  1. The Pitfalls of Job Statistics: Learn why stats can be overwhelming and how to navigate through them effectively. Starting with recent news highlights, from fluctuations in jobless claims, GDP growth, and even current application response rates.
  2. Practical Strategies for Job Seekers: Get started TODAY with a few actionable tips, using the principles of Kaizen, from resume refinement to strategic networking and building your elevator pitch, in order to enhance your job search.

Join Matt for expert insights tailored to today’s competitive job landscape, and take the first step towards understanding trends in the labor force and responding appropriately.