Career Warrior Podcast #323) Leveling Up Your Resume for a Promotion

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Unlock the secrets to leveling up your resume for either an internal promotion or an external application for a leveled-up position. Whether you’re eyeing a director-level position or aiming for the C-Suite, this episode is your guide to standing out for that next career move.

In this episode, we address the most sought-after theme of 2024 from mid-level to executive job seekers. Head over to and submit your resume for a free review to ensure yours stands out.

Discover how your new resume can set you apart, focusing on results rather than just skills. Learn from the story of a supply chain director aiming for C-Suite roles and explore genius bullet points that showcase your impact.

Zoom out strategically by aligning your resume with job postings, emphasizing your key strengths. Utilize the summary section as your branding tool, incorporating a tagline that defines your leadership vision. Uncover additional tools that we’ll discuss in this episode.