Career Warrior Podcast #314) The 5-D Framework for Career Change | Clara Chorley

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Today’s episode is for the brave professional who wants to make a change in their career path. For this release, I brought on an old friend of mine and a fabulous partner of Let’s Eat, Grandma: Clara Chorley.

First, we talk about the Default Way — how most people find themselves in a career change. The frustration. The panic. The “infinity loop” that most of us feel trapped in.

So what is the antidote? In this episode, we unpack the 5-D framework, which helps free us from this trap and puts us on a healthy and inspiring path toward reaching the next best job for us.

Clara Chorley believes that brave decisions are the pathway to the lives we want to live and the professional success we dream of.

Since 2009, Clara has been a highly impactful career strategist, thought partner, and trauma-informed personal coach. She helps leaders in the business world untether from habits and environments that are wearing them out, and take back control of their careers (and health).

Clara’s unique international background spans five continents and 48 countries. She has supported professionals from a multitude of industries, in humanitarian, start-up, and Fortune 100 organizations. Clara is a TEDx presenter, author of TURN: 4 Steps to Clarity in your Career, and creator of the 5D Framework for navigating career change.