Career Warrior Podcast #313) Still Struggling to Get Hired? Listen to This | With Reno Perry

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We’ll cover how to use LinkedIn effectively, what AI is doing for job seekers today, and how to leverage contract work in your job search.

Today, I brought on Reno Perry, Founder at Wiseful. With over 200,000 followers on LinkedIn, you may have already seen Reno’s inspirational writing for job seekers, or you may have even used his famous Layoff List, which has connected thousands of people impacted by layoffs. 

Here’s some of Reno’s background as told by himself:

A first-generation college student born into a working-class family outside of Chicago, I know all too well the challenges of finding a job and navigating a professional career. I had no connections, no wealth, or “that one family friend” that could get me a job.

Since then, I’ve sold millions of dollars in SaaS products, advised executives from start-ups to large enterprises, led teams, and worked at some cool companies like LinkedIn, Fortune 500 Stanley Black & Decker, and the #1 mobile-coaching platform, BetterUp.

 Now, I’m on a mission to help others realize their potential and democratize access to the best companies & jobs. I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of professionals land a job they love…but there’s still much work to do.