Career Warrior Podcast #308) Is My Resume ATS Friendly? [Updated for 2023]

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Is your resume ATS friendly?

As small businesses embrace Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and their integration with social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, the job application landscape has evolved significantly. With the increasing number of ATS options available, each with its unique set of rules, it’s essential for job seekers to understand how to make their resumes stand out in the digital crowd.

One thing is certain – AI algorithms have become more sophisticated, and candidates are now ranked on a broader range of criteria than ever before. To shed some light on this topic, we’ll take a closer look at Google Hire, a prime example of how recruiters are leveraging technology to identify potential candidates who match their job requirements.

But let’s not overcomplicate things! In this episode, we’ll follow the simple acronym ATS to guide you through the key steps in creating an ATS-friendly resume.