Career Warrior Podcast #297) Gain Better Visibility in Your Job Search NOW | Janine Esbrand

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First, we’ll dive into the “Visibility Effect” and discuss some of the best ways to get noticed in the workplace. We’ll explore strategies such as creating a personal brand, networking, and taking on leadership roles. Our expert guest will provide actionable advice on how to increase your visibility and make a lasting impression.

Next, we’ll discuss the challenges that many individuals face when trying to gain the confidence and respect of their colleagues and managers. We’ll explore strategies such as building relationships, speaking up in meetings, and seeking feedback. Our guest will share tips on how to communicate effectively and assertively to gain the respect of your peers.

Our amazing REPEAT guest is Janine Esbrand, the founder of Career Change Makers, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host and former lawyer. Since stepping off the corporate lawyer treadmill, life looks very different for Janine. She has spent the past 7 seven years helping female professionals take ownership of their careers. It is her mission to help women to transition into work that they want to do rather than coast along doing work that they feel they should do. Janine has blended her expertise as a career and executive coach with her 10 years’ experience as a professional working woman to guide clients through a simple and impactful process to loving work and life.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or seeking to advance in your current role, gaining visibility is key to achieving your career goals. Join us as we explore the world of career empowerment and discover how to gain the visibility you need to succeed. Tune in to our podcast for actionable strategies and insights that can help you take charge of your professional journey.