Career Warrior Podcast #292) What Skills Should I List On My Resume?

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We start with a fun analogy, likening your resume to a taco with various ingredients. Our host shares some valuable insights from John and Katy, leaders on his team, on how to think about your skills. They emphasize the importance of recent, relevant, and required skills. They advise omitting skills that you learned a long time ago and haven’t applied in a decade.

Our episode today also stresses the importance of focusing your resume on one target job description and ensuring that all the skills on the job description are also in your resume. He suggests tweaking your resume to include all the skills related to the job you want.

Finally, we discuss how to include skills on your resume. While it’s best to have a skills section that includes the required skills for ATS purposes, it’s also important to provide evidence of how you used your skills to accomplish a specific goal that made a measurable impact on the company in your Professional Experience bullet points.