Career Warrior Podcast #280) How to Break Your Career | Michael Gardon

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If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, this just could be your episode. We’ll cover what it means to break your career and how to do it properly. We’ll also look at how to view your life as a portfolio of options, and we’ll cover a few other things that will help you maximize your success as a career warrior. 

Today I brought on Michael Gardon, CEO of Rejoin Media and Host of CareerCloud Radio.

Michael is a former trader turned entrepreneur, who also holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has built a career in online media previously holding roles at, and, and was Managing Editor at The Simple Dollar. Mike is widely quoted in media including Good Financial Cents, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Ask Men, Authority Magazine,, The Simple Dollar, and has been featured on various local news stations. Mike runs his business remotely with his team scattered across the U.S. Right now, Mike resides in the beautiful Midwest with his wife and 3 young boys, and the family is building their side hustle, Quote Book.

Let’s get right to it. I’m looking forward to this episode, and I know that if you’re listening to these words right now, you’ll be sure to have some aha moments of your own in the next 30 minutes.