Career Warrior Podcast #278) How to Get Recognized at Work, Build Presence, and Ask for the Raise | Sonja Price

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I’m so excited for this episode, and it is my guarantee that if you listen carefully, you will take something home today that will advance your career. 

We’ll cover some great questions:

  • How do you get recognition for what I’m doing at work?
  • What are some ways I can boost my presence online?
  • How and when do I ask for the raise?

Today, I brought on Sonja “Dynamo” Price

Yes, so good that she’s joined us twice

…And with over 15 years of experience in Career and Leadership consulting, Sonja has worked with a wide range of clients including Amazon, Facebook, Google, HBO, and numerous other organizations.

Sonja has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development and is a Certified Career and Executive Coach.

She trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader and is actively engaged with the Seattle Board of Conscious Capitalism.

She is passionate about empowering professionals to accelerate their career success, to become financially free, and to make a positive impact around the world. In her downtime, she enjoys skiing, playing piano, and geeking out over strategy board games.