Career Warrior Podcast #270) Why You Should Only Include 10% of Yourself on Your Resume


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I’m Chris Villanueva, the host of this podcast and co-founder of Let’s Eat, Grandma, a resume service designed to help job seekers get more interviews. 

Listen up. You’re probably including too much on your resume. 

Yes, you. I’m actually talking to you. Because you are an accomplished son of a gun who has done a lot in your career. You’re listening to this podcast because you’re a go-getter. You’re listening to this podcast because you are a career warrior. And that comes with a risk, which is the likelihood that you have too much on your resume. 

Well, today we’re going to discuss why you should only include 10% of yourself on your resume, and how that will ironically make you stand out. I sat down again with David Fano, serial entrepreneur and former WeWork executive. His latest venture, Teal, helps people optimize their job search by providing the level of tooling and infrastructure that companies have but for the individual professional. In just over a year, Teal has grown to a community of over 65,000 users committed to advancing their careers.