Career Warrior Podcast #269) Navigating Career Changes and Layoffs the RIGHT Way | David Fano

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Today, we’re going to talk about how to navigate the tough changes – whether that be a complete career change or even a layoff – the RIGHT way. 

Today I brought on David Fano. 

David Fano is a serial entrepreneur, former WeWork executive, and ex-architect who has made it his mission to help people navigate their careers with confidence. His latest venture, Teal, helps people optimize their job search by providing the level of tooling and infrastructure that companies have but for the individual professional. In just over a year, Teal has grown to a community of over 65,000 users committed to advancing their careers.

So as you can see, David is going to be just awesome, and this episode is going to really help you out if you’re struggling with your own career change.