Calling all older job-seekers: ageism in the workplace is real, but you don’t have to let it stop you!

On Episode 51 of the Career Warrior Podcast, Let’s Eat, Grandma founder Chris Villanueva sits down with Dave Watts of The Redundancy Podcast to discuss how to beat age discrimination, along with other issues and strategies for older job-seekers.

Have you ever been turned down for a job because of your age? Been pressured to quit because a younger worker has made you “redundant?” Not getting interviews because of the older dates on your resume?

Dave Watts has been there. That’s why he hosts The Redundancy Podcast to help qualified older job-seekers find their dream jobs (Note: “Older” job-seeker is relative – Chris once met a software engineer in his 30’s who was denied because of age!)

Dave’s Advice on Combating Ageism in the Workplace

To start off, avoid the #1 mistake Dave he sees older job-seekers make:

“Have a plan. People often say they’ve ‘done everything they can to find a job,’ and they’re almost certainly wrong.

Here are some highlights of Dave’s strategies:

  1. Get your resume ready for the digital age.

    Older job-seekers often haven’t updated their resumes in years. But the rules have changed. Think critically about the language in your resume – are your technical skills updated, or you still talking about Palm Pilots and Blackberries?

  2. Tailor your application to disguise your age.

    Lose dates on your professional experiences. Don’t put in your date of birth on applications. Leave out older content you can discuss in an interview. There are many strategies you can use.

  3. Ask yourself the right questions about your job search.

    You have to ask hard questions about what you still want in a job. What are my non-negotiables for certain positions? Can I still handle a long commute or relocating? What am I prepared to put up with to get another job in this industry?

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