Feeling rejected in your job search?

The goal of our 15th podcast episode is to lift you out of a rejected state — and get you in a place where you can continue fighting for your purpose.

  • You may have applied for a job that you were really interested in — and got turned down because someone thought you were unqualified.
  • You may have applied to 100 jobs—and not gotten one call back.
  • You may have gotten passed up on a promotion.

This is the message that you need to hear right now.

How to listen:


What are some core concepts to remember when feeling rejected?

  1. Everybody goes through it—even some of the greatest people in our history. (Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling)
  2. Understand what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. (There is a science behind acknowledging your emotion. Research has shown that when you identify what core emotion you are feeling, then it instantly becomes more manageable).
  3. Remember that your core identity (who you really are) goes way beyond these external things.

What do you need to do now going forward?

  • Keep going: case and point. Remember that the results-oriented things in life (your success) is a numbers game.
  • Find a group of people trying to achieve the same thing that you are. Relate to them.
  • When you feel rejected, label your emotion, and remind yourself of your core identity — and why you’re going to keep going.


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