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Mar 13, 2023 | Resume Service

Interested in a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume, and curious about who you’ll work with? Read on for an interview with one of our professional resume writers, Michael Berlind.

Here at Let’s Eat, Grandma, we’re extremely proud of our talented and diverse team of professional resume writers.

That’s why we started this series, where our Managing Editor sits down with each one to discuss their background, motivation, and what they love best about writing resumes.

This month, we talked to Michael Berlind, a senior resume writer who has been writing for Let’s Eat, Grandma since 2021.

Michael Berlind

Hi, Michael! How long have you been working as a professional resume writer? Why did you decide to start working in this field?

I’ve been working as a professional resume writer for nearly two years. Writing has always been my strong suit, particularly when distilling complex information or analysis into easily digestible yet impactful statements. I believed my skill set could be a valuable asset to people seeking to optimize their professional written materials through the successful articulation of unique abilities, experience, and potential.

How long have you been working for Let’s Eat, Grandma? Why did you decide to apply to become a Let’s Eat, Grandma resume writer?

I have been working for Let’s Eat, Grandma since May of 2021. At the time, I was in a period of unemployment due to pandemic layoffs, and I was looking for work that would play to my strengths, allow for a flexible and work-from-home schedule, and provide some level of creative fulfillment. Let’s Eat, Grandma checked all of those boxes and seemed like a natural fit, which is why I decided to apply.

What’s your favorite part about resume writing at Let’s Eat, Grandma?

My favorite part about resume writing is finding creative ways to incorporate key metrics, achievements, and skills into impressive statements and compelling narratives. By outlining a special achievement that made someone proud or explaining what fueled a career change, I channel my own passion for the craft of writing into a product that clients will use to advance their own crafts and passions.

You’re an executive resume writer at Let’s Eat, Grandma. What do you find interesting about writing resumes for executives?

I enjoy writing resumes for executives because they typically have a compelling upward career narrative that can be used to elaborate on acquired skills and experience. Executives also tend to be aware of their strengths but may not know quite how to state them, and it is very satisfying to incorporate significant achievements into concise and impressive documents that illustrate the very best of any given profession.

What is the most challenging part about resume writing?

While there is a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the process after having been a resume writer for a while, the most challenging part is maintaining a fresh approach to meet each client’s unique needs. You never know when you might encounter an entirely new profession, a unique career story, or a client with specific preferences, so it’s important to remain adaptable!

What advice can you give for anyone considering purchasing a resume writing service and working with a professional resume writer?

I would say that it’s an invaluable experience to have your professional journey examined by a fresh pair of eyes and from a new perspective. While you may be aware of your achievements and strengths, it can be helpful for a professional writer to draw them out and express them both succinctly and impactfully. Approach the process with an open mind, come armed with your most impressive projects and metrics, and don’t hesitate to let your writer know exactly what you are looking for!

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