3 Unconventional Tips When Filling Out Job Applications Online

By:  Let's Eat, Grandma Resume Service

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We need to fill you in on a little secret about online job applications: It’s not just about the resume.
We wish it was, but the truth is that most online application systems are flawed and will make you seem like you are in an episode of Groundhog’s Day.
But if you truly want to integrate keywords to make sure the robots don’t pass you up, you need to make sure and fill out the application form as thoroughly as possible.
So here are our three most effective tips for filling out job applications:

#1) Be (extra) thorough when filling out application forms.

We get it. It’s annoying. What a pain in the butt it is to repeat the same information over and over again. And according to many recruiters, job applicants fail to provide thorough answers in their job applications because they feel like the information is already contained on the resume.
True, but they end up shooting themselves in the foot because these online applicant tracking systems are still scanning your application form responses for keywords.
That is, the more thoroughly you fill out the application form, the more likely you are to get interviews.
Think of it as another opportunity to integrate keywords in your resume. Include a few sentences that specifically answer the question that was asked — but then aim to integrate some of those coveted keywords. When trying to hit the appropriate keywords to attack ATS software, try and pay attention to hard skills, position titles, and other nouns common to the position.

#2) Try and apply as soon as the job posting goes out.

Stay on alert for new job postings, and react quickly in order to increase your chances of getting noticed. Some companies will receive hundreds of responses in the first few days, so you can decrease your chance of your application being lost in the sea of job seekers.

#3) Follow up.

Want to go above and beyond everyone else and beat the ATS system? Do some digging and find a connection with the company. Use Google. Search LinkedIn for connections you may have to the company. Search for recruiters or potential hiring decision makers for the company. This will get you on the radar of hiring decision makers and increase your chances significantly.

Last tip, if you are looking to make job applications a priority, it may help you to apply earlier in the morning with a cup of coffee. Studies indicate that your willpower is a limited resource that gets replenished after a good night’s sleep. Filling out these applications will take some will power, so we recommend doing it when you are fresh and willing to give it 100%.
We hope you found this article to be an informative and help you think differently about filling out applications.
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