How to Stand Out in your Job Application

Podcast Preview

Let’s Eat, Grandma interviewed Analiza Gonzales, an all-star human resources professional — so you can learn how to make yourself stand out in the job application! Analiza has looked at more applications than you can imagine — and brings a unique insight as to what candidates can do get their foot in the door. Analiza also is a professional resume writer for Let’s Eat, Grandma, where she helps people get jobs.

Podcast Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions from you guys that we cover:

  • Is there a best time of day to submit your application?
  • What makes a great resume?
  • What makes a bad resume?
  • How does ATS software work, and how can candidates optimize their application for the best chances of landing the interview?
  • What do you think is the biggest mistake a job seeker can make any why?
  • How can a job seeker use LinkedIn in their search?

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