How do I show recruiters I am qualified?

(…And other job search questions)

Last week, we had an awesome Ask-Me-Anything in Austin, Texas at Capital Factory. We wrangled in a group of job seekers from several different industries and spoke with Al Robinette, a well-respected career coach in Texas.
Let's Eat, Grandma Meetup with Al Robinette
Pure genius ensued.
The discussion revolved around not only showing recruiters you are qualified — but actually increasing your value as a professional so that you are qualified.
This to me is more substantive advice. Rather than inflating yourself on a resume, the discussion should also revolve around how you can actually make yourself sellable.
Without giving away too much of the episode, I need to confess that I could not come up with better questions myself even as the host of this episode. These were real job seekers asking raw questions that they really wanted to find the answers to. I found the answers to be extremely representative of what the average job seeker would want to know.
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About Al Robinette, CPCC, CPHDA, CPBA, CPDFA, CPCA, MS:

“As Founder & President of Career Path Consulting & Development, I have 20+ years experience of guiding professionals career aspirations, “fixing” people’s stalled careers, and overhauling broken businesses & organizations. I understand the issues from both sides of the desk – that’s why I know how to help both individuals and corporations reach their goals and realize their potential.
There are a lot of great career coaches out there – and I’m one of the best, but I also have a unique skill set and background that sets me apart and above the rest. I have “been there and done that” myself – on every level – from minimum wage to senior corporate management. I know first hand what it takes to get from point A to point Z – and everywhere in between.”

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