Career Warrior Podcast #304) Top Concerns for Job Seekers: Summer 2023

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In a LinkedIn Live event held on June 28th, Matt and Chris Villanueva explore the burning questions and challenges that job seekers bring to the table. Whether you’re currently in the job market or planning to dive in soon, this episode promises valuable content that can enhance your job search strategies.

We discuss topics like the infamous “black hole” of online applications, the complex world of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and the importance of tailoring your application for the human touch. We also delve into the significance of persistence, accessing the hidden job market, handling rejections, and coping with low response rates.

Moreover, we embrace the game-like approach to job seeking, encouraging you to track your progress, seek continual improvements, reward yourself, and take necessary breaks to maintain your motivation and mental well-being. We touch upon the time-consuming nature of versioning and offer insights into the bucket principle, which helps you allocate time efficiently between major revisions and quick tweaks.

Tune in to this episode for a dynamic discussion on job search concerns. Gain valuable insights, gather practical tips, and be inspired to tackle the job market with renewed vigor.