Are you considering a professional resume writer?
Then, let us guess at your situation:
You have no doubt that you need to make changes to get yourself noticed by prospective employers. You may even be motivated or excited to make those changes on your resume. 
And then that moment comes.
You open up Microsoft Word only to stare at your old resume for hours, not sure exactly how to get started.
In fact, your resume may look like this:
Let's Eat, Grandma Desperate for Job
And when you try to align your columns just right, it doesn’t work. And then you realize that you spent the last 30 minutes trying to align a column that just didn’t look right when printed out.
“Ahh! Why won’t this stupid column align correctly?!”
You look up in shock to realize that you actually said that statement out loud, and your child is giving you a weird look.
We get it. We’ve been there before. You see, when most of our professional team started writing resumes, it would take us many hours of excruciating pain to come up with a great resume.
And sure, some people don’t need a professional resume writer. They either have this stuff down or already have a solid resume. We are not here to tell you that everyone needs a professional resume writer (although it would be nice for the industry). But we can help you decide whether or not you should go with one.
Alas, here are three signs that you should team up with a professional resume writer:

Sign #1) You’re stuck in your job search.

Maybe you’ve sent out your resume a bunch of times and feel burned by the whole process.
Perhaps you’ve read some resume advice online, worked for hours at a time, and the resume just isn’t getting the results you wanted.
Maybe you feel demotivated. Maybe you feel like giving up. (It’s okay. We’ve all been there).

When you hire a professional resume writer, you’re hiring more than someone to put some documents together for you. You see, professional resume writers should instill a sense of confidence. This confidence should propel your job search. It’s more than just the product itself – it’s also about the way you feel during and after your experience.
Take this statement from a past Let’s Eat, Grandma client, for instance:

“Erica has made this scary transition in my life much easier. She asked the right questions and listen to my answers and relayed it beautifully on my resume and cover letter. I am so pleased.”

We thought that this statement brilliantly captured what begins to happen when you partner with someone else to improve your life.
THIS is how you should feel after teaming up with a professional resume writer. And this is why the resume writing industry has continue to thrive for the last 5 years – and will continue to do so for years to come.

Sign #2) It’s been a while since you’ve written a resume.

Keywords. ATS Software. Targeted Resumes
Don’t you feel sick just looking at those words by now?
You have two options when it comes down to how to handle your job search this year.

  1. You can spend time learning how to play the game – the job search game that will get you noticed.
  2. You can partner with someone who already knows how to play that game.

If choose option 2, then a resume service is the way to go. You see, professional resume writers have gotten the process down because that is what we’ve decided to put our dedication and time into. We know the designs that work and the ones that don’t. We also know how to phrase certain bullet points so that they are concise and make the most sense from decision makers.
Plus, two heads are always better than one. In fact, if you just are going from your own opinion, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.
We once had a client who had so much irrelevant information on his resume because he just did not want to cut out any of it. We helped him see his documents more clearly when crafting his resume and helped him let go of some of the things on his resume that were holding him back.
This is the power of getting a professional opinion. And this is eventually what is going to help give an advantage of other job seekers.

Sign #3) You don’t have time to write a good resume

Here’s the one question to help you decide whether you should or should not get a professional resume writer.
Are you ready?
Okay here it is:
How much is your time worth to you?
For some folks, the money spent on a professional resume writer is worth more than their time. It’s not cheap to work with a writer (nor should it be). And if you’re truly strapped for cash, you should consider saving your money. We recommend those people take the time to learn how to craft a great resume. And then create one. We have plenty of resources for those people, and we have plenty of blog content to help you on your journey.
But for some, their time is worth more than the cost of hiring a professional resume writer.
If you’re making $30 per hour selling software, your time every week is incredibly valuable to you. You don’t probably don’t have the time to dedicate week after week honing your resume skills, and that’s one of the reasons why the industry of resume writing began in the first place.
If you are currently employed and just want another job, you especially have less time to devote to your job search.
If you’re a full-time parent, then it’s the same story.
For some people to get their resume where it needs to be, it could take 10+ hours to write a strong resume that garners the respect of decision makers.
When you work with a writer, that time is cut down to less than an hour.

Looking to make the leap?

If you would like to consider working with a professional resume writer, schedule a free phone call with us to discuss your job search situation. You won’t regret it.